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What it is

We’re not a trade group, we’re a movement.
Made up of Founders and Stakeholders, we are companies, trade groups, and cooperatives convening as trusted partners.

We are building our ag producer peer network too, coming 2022 our producer peer network allows us to stay true to our roots by engaging progressive growers in a focus group style setting to educate, discuss practices, and collaborate on solutions that make sense for ag as the solution.

In-Climate Indiana in a meeting for climate change

Indiana Network

 Indiana is the beta. We recognize that geography and policy around climate and sustainability are ‘local’, so we use a state model within a larger, national framework. We are currently assembling ‘call out’ roundtables for summer 2022 in five additional states. 

How to get started

Contact us today to see if your state is one of our immediate planned expansion locations or to work with us to build and IN-CLIMATE chapter in your state so your stakeholders can join our growing network and become part of the climate conversation!

Change the industry

What our members say

"The educational aspect of gathering and talking today has been huge for me. We need that as we continue to seek ways to understanding financing these projects."

- Ag Financial Industry Leader

Our Members

Corteva Agriscience Member of Indiana IN-Climate
Country Mark Member of Indiana IN-Climate
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Why become
a member?

IN-CLIMATE has three membership levels. Members use the badge to market themselves as a part of"the climate conversation," a conversation important to their stakeholders, members, customers, and the greater community.

Click on the link to find one that's right for you or your organization.


IN-CLIMATE members receive a number of benefits, depending on their membership tier. See examples of unique benefits by clicking on the link below.


IN-CLIMATE members receive a number of benefits, depending on their membership tier. See the full list by clicking on the link below.


Does your organization KNOW that you've got to start talking climate, ESG, and more but isn't sure where to start? IN-CLIMATE is your resource! Take the self-assessment to see if you're a good candidate for membership.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year we convene public events and members-only roundtable discussions on soil and climate topics. We also hold an annual conference each August. Upcoming events include: 2023, date and location to be announced: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Training

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