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IN-CLIMATE is a growing network of industry professionals representing the food supply chain including the energy, agriculture, and natural resources sectors that work to better understand and ultimately guide the conversation around climate in Indiana. We are focused on building practical, productive policy that makes sense for our members, customers, and consumers. In our first of its kind group, members become trusted partners that gather for collaborative dialog, educational forums, and information sharing that aims to lead to better decision-making and balanced climate policy. 

What it is

How we collect data

Our members are companies, trade groups, distributors, manufacturers, coops, banks, grocers, retailers, refiners, renewable energy producers, coops, ag producers, and much more. If your organization is engaged in the business of energy, natural resources, agriculture, or food supply, you need to be part of the only climate-focused organization that represents YOUR interests and voice! 

Data collected in our most recent land owner survey

45% of Indiana farmers believe that climate change is a problem


55% of Indiana farmers do not believe that climate change is a problem

How e Collect Data


We welcome anyone engaged in energy, natural resources, agriculture, or food supply to join us as we work toward more sustainable production.


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