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In-Climate Indiana founders to discuss world issues

Sarah Beth Aubrey, founder and CEO of IN-Climate's parent company, Elevate Ag, brings more than 20 years of agronomic experience to the organization. Her team and member partners are knowledgeable on sustainability issues, particularly those related to climate and soil. Agribusinesses and farmers looking to implement or improve soil preservation practices less dependent on chemical solutions can schedule private consultations, team strategy sessions, or focus groups.



Who we are

IN-CLIMATE is a collection of agribusiness, energy, utilities, food companies, animal health companies, and trade groups working together to strengthen and preserve soil through sustainable and economically viable methods. We accomplish these goals through education and consultation. We host conferences and small group seminars, produce resource materials and provide private consultation.

What we do

IN-CLIMATE members gather for collaborative dialog, educational forums, and information sharing that aims to lead to better decision-making and balanced climate policy.

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