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In many sectors, the term ‘climate change’ is frequently still considered a one-sided political statement or a term only uttered in hushed circles. We’re ready to change that and talk honestly about real, practical approaches that can be achieved within the energy, agriculture, and food systems realm. Politicizing a word is not a way forward and we aim to change that. Besides, our members are already doing incredible work in sustainability that we know is important to share, showcase, and learn from across industries. So, it’s time to talk and the  members of IN-CLIMATE recognize the necessity in collaborating across industries outside of ours to do it.


What we do

IN-CLIMATE  is a growing network of industry professionals representing the food supply chain including the energy, agriculture, and natural resources sectors that work to better understand and ultimately guide the conversation around climate in Indiana. We are focused on building practical, productive policy that makes sense for our members, customers, and consumers. In our first of its kind group, members become trusted partners that gather for collaborative dialog, educational forums, and information sharing that aims to lead to better decision-making and balanced climate policy.


Leveraging our founder's 20 years of experience facilitating progress for clients in agriculture and energy, our consulting services are designed to support your pathway toward sustainability plans, and climate goals with a trusted partner who gets your industry.


Anyone in the industry looking to implement or improve soil preservation practices less dependent on chemical solutions can schedule private consultations, team strategy sessions, or focus groups.


Our events are part of our difference- we hold the space of private, members only conversations about climate as well as create larger public forums for education and networking with our annual Summit.


Throughout the year we convene public events and members-only roundtable discussions on policy and climate topics.

Why we do What we do

 We believe that the greater food system is ripe for change, advancement and opportunity in the climate space. We believe in an all-the above strategy for smart adoption of new and emerging practices and policies in energy, food, agriculture and natural resources to reduce emissions and sequester carbon. We believe agriculture has a role in the solution to share with the world and we are the conduit that makes that connection. 


55% of Indiana farmers do not believe that climate change is a problem.

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"The educational aspect of gathering and talking today has been huge for me. We need that as we continue to seek ways to understanding financing these projects."

- Ag Financial Industry Leader

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